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Landfill Gas Monitoring

Terra Sana Consultants R&D Team developed a “state of the art” drone equipped with a customised sensor able to detect methane concentration in 0.1 s at 30 m height to a minimum concentration of 1 ppm.m.


Using geostatistical analysis, a map can be produced displaying the gas concentrations within an hour from landing the drone.

Industry applications:


To comply with the conditions of their Environmental Authority, landfill operators are required to undertake regular methane fugitive emissions monitoring.

Coal seam gas

CSG infrastructures like pipelines, wellheads, vents and flares require regular fugitive emission survey to plan the correct maintenance and assure safe operating conditions. In addition, the use of UAVs has been extended to identifying land seeps and the location of legacy uncapped exploration bores. UAVs provides a cost-effective, safe and rapid alternative to drive or walk-over surveys.


UAVs provides a rapid and effective tool to inspect fugitive emissions over extensive areas and a safe alternative to inspect locations affected by the presence of methane or other gases that might pose an immediate H&S risk.


The avoidance of methane emissions is very important in biogas operations to assure plant safety, environmental sustainability and avoid revenue loss. UAVs can provide a reliable inspection and measuring tool to identify any plume.

The use of a drone is proposed as a:

  • safe ;
  • cost-effective ;
  • time-efficient ;
  • un-biased ; and
  • flexible

means of quantification and leak detection