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Spontaneous Combustion

Thermal Drone Surveys

Spontaneous combustion of coal and resulting coal fires causes a huge waste of energy, halting mine production and produces harmful gases that are life-threating to workers and local residents. Its by-products, the greenhouse gases such as CO2 and CH4, exacerbate global warming. Underground coal fire has also led to surface subsidence and produced a large number of surface fissures. Thus, the early detection of coal fires and its spatial distribution is crucial so that the fire disaster can be prevented as early as possible.


Terra Sana Consultants have demonstrated that the application of UAV-borne thermal imaging provides a quick, efficient and safe way to detect, visualize and describe the spatial distribution of underground coal fires. Areas otherwise not accessible, due to topography or fire-induced cracks, for instance, can easily be investigated without putting workers at risk. In combination with our airborne methane surveys and 3D mapping (for subsidence monitoring) services, we can provide an integrative assessment for investigation purposes.