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Exploration Services

TSC team includes a senior exploration SSE, experienced supervisors, qualified hydrogeologists, engineers and skilled field scientists experienced with the requirements of the resource industry and exploration projects.

With a portfolio of projects located in some of the most remote areas in Australia, Africa and Asia; TSC field team can deliver outstanding health and safety performance.

Terra Sana Consultants has developed a water sampling system for remotely collecting water samples using a drone. This system greatly reduces the risks involved in collecting water samples from tailing dams, pit lakes and crocodile infested rivers.

Instead of putting a human’s life at risk, a much safer option is to use a drone to collect water samples in risky water bodies such as tailing dams, pit lakes and crocodile infested waters. This also presents a significant resource-, logistic-, and cost-saving opportunity.

  • Eliminates many of site hazards to the field staff involved in water sampling as the operator can remain at a safe distance from the water body;
  • The system uses a winch system to lower and lift the water sampling container, greatly enhancing flight safety;
  • The system has been designed with multiple redundancies to ensure safe operations such as a quick release system that can be triggered in case of an entanglement;
  • Samples can be re-collected at the same exact location using high-precision GPS;
  • Up to 5 samples can be collect in a single drone battery set, greatly increasing the efficiency of sampling; and
  • The operator has a live view camera feed of the water sampling device.

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