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We have facility to produce advance work various industrial applications based on specially developed technology. We are also ready to developement by according to users changing needs. Infrastructure related installation sed projects. General repair & industrial and machinery.

have facility to produce advance various industrial applictions based on specially developed technology, 24 years experienced and knowledge international worked technologically changes & industrial
systems, we are dedicated ut to provide the best and economical solutions to our valued customers.

Drone Surveys

- Methane fugitive emissions surveys - 3D mapping & photogrammetry - Asset inspection - Thermal imaging - Training, consulting & development

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- Landfill gas monitoring - Gas leak survey - Fugitive emissions - Underground combustion - Coal Seam Gas (CSG) - Biogas - Mine gas - Radon and NORM

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- Contaminated land - Acid sulfate soil - Effluent irrigation - Remediation - Dispersive soil assessment - MEDLI modeling - Soil & rock logging

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- Groundwater - Surface water - Drinking water - Risk assessment - Microbiology - Laboratory data interpretation - Sampling - Wastewater treatment plant

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Exploration Services

Terra Sana Consultants provides specialised consulting services for the mining exploration industry.
Water sampling drone

Water sampling drone

Terra Sana Consultants has developed a water sampling system for remotely collecting water samples using a drone. This system greatly reduces the risks involved in collecting water samples from tailing dams, pit lakes and crocodile infested rivers.
Spontaneous Combustion

Thermal drone surveys|Spontaneous combustion from underground coal mines

Terra Sana Consultants have demonstrated that the application of UAV-borne thermal imaging provides a quick, efficient and safe way to detect, visualize and describe the spatial distribution of underground coal fires.

Customers Feedback

This company is professional, creative & good knowledge on their industry. We especially appreciated their knowledge on the land legislation that educated us to alot we didnt know. Amazing experts we definitely appreciate working with them!
- Jessica Baker, Human Resources Manager
When we approached Terra Sana Consultants we thought we initially thought we had great regulations on Health and Safety. Not only did they give us the best consultation they had great equipment to show us how to work on the prevention of Asbestos. We are now happy to know that all our staff will need not worry on contamination. Great service!
- Jeffery Brown, CEO
This company is professional, creative and concept from knowledgeable. Dwayne our designer was actual teachings the great explorer of the truth patient, know how to pursue pleasure accommodating and work.
- Charlotte Robinson, General Manager

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