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Gas Expertise



Terra Sana Consultants has technical expertise and cutting edge equipment to support gas investigations and studies.

 Our services includes: 

  • Soil vapour intrusion
  • Landfill gas
  • Coal Seam Gas (CSG)
  • Combustion by-product
  • Fugitive gas emission
  • Mine gas
  • Biogas


Terra Sana Consultants has technical expertise and cutting edge equipment to support ambient air investigations and studies.

Dust Deposition

Terra Sana Consultants scientists can help measure dust deposition with a dust fall gauge. The gauge is a simple and cost-efficient method to sample dustfall over 1 month to ensure a measurable quantity of dust is captured in the gauge and can be sent to a laboratory for analysis.

Total Suspended Particular

Additionally, Total Suspended Particular matter (TSP) is measure using high volume air sampler. The high volume air sampler draws a large known volume of air through a pre-weighed filter for 24 hours.

Particles less than 10 micrometres in diameter (PM10)

Particles smaller than 10µm are especially concerning as these particles can enter the human respiratory system and penetrate deeply into the lungs, causing adverse health effects.

Instruments used to measure PM10 are either a high or low volume air sampler or a tapered element oscillating microbalance (TEOM).

Respirable dust is very fine dust, which is able to reach the lower regions of the lung. It is generally 10 microns or less in diameter.

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Great! Support and Special Care

This company is professional, creative & have excellent knowledge on their industry. We especially appreciated their instruction on the land legislation that educated us to alot we didn't know. Amazing experts we definitely appreciate working with them!

Jessica Baker

- Human Resources Manager

Great! Support and Special Care

When we approached Terra Sana Consultants we thought we initially had great regulations on Health and Safety. Not only did we receive the best consultation we were also shown how we can work to the prevention of Asbestos. We are now happy to know that all our staff will need not worry on contamination. Great service!

Jeffery Brown


Great! Support and Special Care

Its not everyday you find a company that has an excellent approach to our problems. Terra Sana Consultants sat down with us patiently to assess our needs. They drew up a great plan, always kept time to our meetings, provided us with amazing consultation. We only wish we met them sooner and we are truly the better for it! A++

Charlotte Robinson

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