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GIS & drone surveying statement of Capability
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) provide a unifying framework to combine location with attribute data in order to manage, integrate and analyse spatial data in the form of digital maps or hard copy for better decision making.

Terra Sana Consultants team of GIS specialists, carry a breadth of experience in the capture, visualisation, validation, management and manipulation of geospatial data. Our systems and applications are developed using industry leading GIS software (Esri suite, QGIS & Mapinfo). Our services include:

– Collecting, analysing, and integrating spatial data with data collected on the field

– Creating high quality cartographic outputs as part of our reports;

-Compiling geographic data from a variety of sources including censuses, field observations, satellite imagery, aerial photographs using drones, and existing maps;

We also offer Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs, also known as drones) services providing accurate, high-resolution imagery for all your projects in any environment. Terra Sana Consultants CASA-certified pilots fly any area, large or small, for surveys, aerial photography, 3D mapping, audits and inspections.

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Great! Support and Special Care

This company is professional, creative & have excellent knowledge on their industry. We especially appreciated their instruction on the land legislation that educated us to alot we didn't know. Amazing experts we definitely appreciate working with them!

Jessica Baker

- Human Resources Manager

Great! Support and Special Care

When we approached Terra Sana Consultants we thought we initially had great regulations on Health and Safety. Not only did we receive the best consultation we were also shown how we can work to the prevention of Asbestos. We are now happy to know that all our staff will need not worry on contamination. Great service!

Jeffery Brown


Great! Support and Special Care

Its not everyday you find a company that has an excellent approach to our problems. Terra Sana Consultants sat down with us patiently to assess our needs. They drew up a great plan, always kept time to our meetings, provided us with amazing consultation. We only wish we met them sooner and we are truly the better for it! A++

Charlotte Robinson

- General Manager